Crash Course

Learn the flight plan

Before you go sky-diving you are put through a course to learn exactly what is going to happen and what you need to do once you jump out of the plane.

Crash Course is designed to lay out in unmistakable terms where Reason Church is headed and help you discover an indispensable role you can play.

It is broken into four parts and that you can attend in any order. It takes place every Sunday between our services at 11am. Lunch and child care are provided.

Jesus—renewing minds, reviving hearts, restoring lives

An Initiation Not A Class

This four part initiation is meant to fuel your faith in Jesus, inject you with the lifeblood of Reason Church, and unleash you to live to your full potential as a Christian.

You will go through four deliberately designed steps to help you thrive as a follower of Jesus, catch the vision of this movement, and sink your roots down deep at this church.


Sundays | 11am |  Lunch and childcare provided